~Our Events~
Events that benefit Hartbauer McBride & Bikers Helping Bikers
Charity Starts At Home
Bikers and Biker organizations have kept abreast in the supporting of the numerous charities that have
abounded over the past few years, and Bikers hearts are enormous and their wallets and/or purses have always
been generous. There are many personal reasons why bikers support a particular charity , and sometimes . . .for
no other reason than to 'run with the pack'. Bikers have all been affected, directly or indirectly, by these
organizations; and, sometimes Bikers do not have the luxury of donating time, but do have the option
of donating money . . .or vice versa. When you support these events, you support Bikers Helping Bikers
The next Hartbauer-McBride meeting is scheduled for:
Monday, November 13, 2017 7:00 PM
Shady Jack’s Saloon and Grill
1432 N. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102
         Upcoming Events

                9th Annual Trivia Night
               Planning for "2018"
   Thank You all for a GREAT "2017"

  18th Annual Benefit and Biker Rodeo
               Planning for "2018"
   Thank You all for a GREAT "2017"

              30th Annual Poker Run  
              Planning for "2018"
  Thank You all for a GREAT "2017"

      6th Annual Marble Run Party
                Planning for "2018"
Thank You all for a GREAT "2017"  
Our Events
"Bikers Helping Bikers"      Est. 1986 & Inc. 1997
Call Dennis "Bubba" Engel @ (314) 517-2824 for ticket information or
if you are interested in Sponsoring  and/or Volunteering for an event!!!
Above are Trophy's that are presented once a year to a Organization, Club or Group that attends our           
Annual Benefit and Biker Rodeo.
Ask a Liaison or Board Member for more details.