To qualify for assistance you must be a biker. Membership in a Motorcycle
                         Club, Riding Organization and/or Factory Sponsored Group is
                         requirement. There are  no brand specifications; a riders sex, religion or ethnic
                         background has no bearing on qualification.  In some cases immediate family
                         members may qualify for assistance.  The situation must qualify as a true and
                         honest hardship.  The Foundation does not detail what constitutes a ‘true  
                         hardship’. Cases are reviewed individually and arbitrated based on the
                         information provided. Failure to provide information on the application will
                         only delay response/assistance.

The Foundation is controlled by a Board of Directors; consisting of nine voting members, a
Chairman and a Treasurer. When an assistance request form is submitted, along with a summary
letter describing the situation and verifying documentation, it is investigated by the Chairman
and voted on by The Board to grant the request or not. Based on the information they have, if
the request is granted, each Board Member states an amount they agree is appropriate. In some
cases The Board may ask for more details. This information may be necessary to determine the
degree of hardship, and is required under state law and The Foundation bylaws of Incorporation.

The Foundation guidelines are this: The Biker Fund is not a charity, insurance company, or hand-
out.  The Foundation cannot eliminate all suffering, and is not an alternative to taking
responsibility for your own action or paying your own bills when you can.

The following link will open a printable Adobe PDF document. Complete application, attach
copies of documentation, and mail or fax to:

                                    Hartbauer/McBride Memorial Foundation
                                                     8832 David Avenue
                                                Overland, Missouri 63114
                                                     Fax: (314) 755-1385

                       Assistance Application pdf
You must have Adobe Reader to print file. If you do not have it, use the link below to get it free.
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